Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

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Winning is in Our Spiritual DNA

Winning and losing are two things that can evoke a great deal of passion in people.  Whether it is playing games or pursuing a new job, there has always been and shall always be those who prevail and those who do not.  It is now considered, in certain circles, that there is too much emphasis placed upon who wins or loses.  Some say we should just be glad that we are able to participate.  Well, it is not just enough to have a job if you want a career.  It is not just enough to go to school when you can excel.  It is not just enough to go to church when you were meant to walk in victory.  Jesus has given us victory when He overcame death and the grave.  He has proclaimed us more than conquerors.  The battle of Armageddon has already been called and Jesus will be the victor in that.  With all of these marks of winning, how can anyone settle for just participating when being victorious is in your spiritual DNA!