Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

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Winning Friends

Winning friends for Christ is an awesome challenge that God has placed before us to do.  The scriptures say that we should make being a Christian attractive to those who we come in contact with.  The most attractive thing in all of life that I have found is integrity, character and truth.  These things remove the burden of trying to figure other people out and gives us a solid foundation from which to establish new and developing relationships.  Jesus has said and shown that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, therefore, let each of us be mindful to point people to a friend who will stick closer than a brother, who will neither leave nor forsake.  God has a desire to have a relationship with all of His children and He loves us so much that He will let us decide how that relationship will be.  So, take time to meet one, reach one, and teach one about the greatest love of all, the love God has for us.