Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

A People of Purpose, Prayer, and Praise!

The Greatness Within

Commitment: created by God, modeled by Jesus, sustained by the Holy Spirit, imitated by man.   It never ceases to amaze how far the imitation is from the real thing.  Is your life more reflective of the saying “A man’s word is his bond” or “A promise is made to be broken”?  When our purpose is to be imitators of Christ, the hope is that it will be the former.  Sin has made the latter, unfortunately, appear to be the norm.  Thankfully, there is hope in knowing that the Spirit that dwells within us is greater than the man that is on the outside.  We must develop the inner man by constantly feeding the outward man the Word of God.  Then, God will be able to show others just how committed He is to them.