Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

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The Great Garden

Reaping and sowing have a complimentary relationship that requires a specific order.  If there is no sowing there cannot be a reaping.  Sowing is the first part that represents planting of a seed.  The seed is placed in the soil and then it must be nurtured through watering, fertilizing, thinning, and even removal of things that can spring up to destroy it, such as weeds or bugs.  Reaping is the harvest that comes once the seed has become a fully developed plant that is ready to bear its fruit.  Spiritually, this is true because the Bible says that you will “reap what you sow”.  It would be helpful if we would plant love rather than hate, encouragement rather than envy, peace rather than strife, patience rather than anger, kindness rather than meanness, generosity rather than selfishness, and goodness rather than evil.  Make your spiritual garden an oasis of what is best in us from God.