Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

A People of Purpose, Prayer, and Praise!

Live to Love

I Corinthians 13 tell us that the greatest thing we can have is love. Sometimes, we get so busy doing the things we do that we forget why we do what we do. God gave us his only Son because of the love he has for us. We give ourselves because of the love we have for God. Our love for God and for each other is why we are constantly working, 7 days of the week, to ensure that the needs of the people are being met. It is our love that keeps us going when we are tired and when we just want to give up. Love keeps us giving, sharing and sacrificing ourselves so that people will know who Jesus is. It is not enough to say that we love God or each other, but we most show our love. Please show love in all you do and know that God gave us the best example of love by giving us Jesus. Jesus showed us how to love by giving his life for us.