Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

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Let Good Be Your Normal

We should not grow weary in doing good deeds, that’s what the Bible tells us in Galatians.  Then, doing good should not be an exception but what is normal.  The world does not take this approach, in fact, if someone does good, the first thing the world tries to do is tear them down.  This spirit is doing all it can to take the joy out your life and the wind out of your sails.  However, just because this spirit is operating in the world does not mean it has to operate in us.  We can choose to see things the way the world sees it or we can choose to look at things the way God sees it.  This would challenge us to always in thought and deed to consider first what God would do.  This sounds easy but can be difficult if you don’t spend time with Him through His Word.  Start today, with a reading plan that helps you get to know Him. Then we can let our Good be our normal.