Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

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Faith Finishes

When Jesus’ work was done on Earth He said, “It is finished.”  There are things in life that we are challenged to complete.  In fact, the Bible exhorts us to complete the race that has been set before each of us.  As we move forward in our lives, it becomes important to know what things that are incomplete and causing our growth to be hindered spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and personally.  Once that thing (or things) is identified, what will it take to move forward in our relationship with God?  It takes faith to please Him.  It will take faith to go down the course He has laid out for our life.  It will take faith to overcome the carnal mind that has gotten comfortable with things being as they are.  It will take faith in God to overcome ourselves.  So, whatever you have to do to be who He has planned for you to be, do it with faith.