Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

A People of Purpose, Prayer, and Praise!

Clean Inside or Out

Looking clean and being clean are two entirely different things.  Have you ever heard someone instructed to clean a place up and they only straighten it up?  We spend a tremendous amount of effort, and times, trying to make things in our life look right rather than make them be right.  Holiness is no different; it is the Holy Spirit acting like an old fashioned rub board on the inside that is constantly scrubbing away all the things that always seem to leave a stain on the outside through our words, thoughts, or deeds.   We depend upon God in ways we cannot measure.  His Peace, His Faithfulness, His Joy, His Power, His Mercy, His Love, and His Grace are just a beginning point of the things He does for us each day.  When you need a fresh start always remember to clean yourself up from the inside out with the Word of God.