Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

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Be a Friend that Lasts

There is a certain amount of joy in developing new relationships with people.  There is the initial phase that starts with so much hope and possibility.  Then, there is the reality phase that reveals differences that are adjusted to.  Next, comes the period of adapting to one another to accommodate those differences that exist.  And finally, there is acceptance of a person or situation just the way they are.  The Word says that if we are to gain a friend then we must first show ourselves friendly.  This involves doing that last part first, accepting the truth about people and circumstances.  It is better to deal with the real issue than with the symptom that always presents itself as urgent.  God does this in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  He became the greatest friend we could have, one who will stick by you and be there through the end.  Our friends need a friend like that, let’s make every effort to introduce them to Him.