Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

A People of Purpose, Prayer, and Praise!

Praise is Contagious

When you praise a child it helps their confidence and development.  When you praise a peer it helps them grow.  When you praise an employee it improves their morale.  When you praise a supervisor it lifts them up.  But, when you praise God something very interesting happens.  He will help your confidence and development.  He will help you to grow.  He will improve your morale.  He will lift you up.  The beauty of this whole praise process is that in some way we are all made better by it, especially when we remember to do things the way God wants them done.  Keeping Him first helps you out and makes it easier for you to help others out.  So go out and spread praise where you see a praiseworthy situation.  WARNING: This can be quite contagious and cause a great deal of spontaneous praise all around you.