Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

A People of Purpose, Prayer, and Praise!

Grow Up

“Grow Up!”    This appears to be a simple enough statement that is reflective of a command and an expression of frustration at the same time.  It would be wonderful if everyone was able to accomplish this to the  satisfaction of everyone else, however, that has not been proven to be the case.  God has said these words to us in so many ways that it is clear He desires that maturing is something we are supposed to do.  Not only does He desire for us to move from milk to meat but He commands that we make disciples of others along the way.  We can make our homes, our community, and the world a better place to live in if we strive to fulfill the task we have been given.  The steps are easier than you think.  Develop your relationship with God by mastering your gifts and talents, show others, and encourage them to do the same all for the Glory of God.