Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

A People of Purpose, Prayer, and Praise!

Be Ready to Answer the Question

Are you ready?  It seems like a simple enough question but somehow it is not.  Whether it is time to head out the door to an  appointment ,  school,  church, or whatever the latest thing is that is on your life schedule, how we answer this question  is  important.  When the Lord returns for His people, the church, what your answer is to this question will have to be answered.  Do not allow the constant promotion of living with faith in yourself alone as the right answer.  Do not allow the accumulation of education, money, or fame convince you that it is the right answer, either.  There will only be one right answer because there is only one way to be ready, by receiving the free gift of salvation with the acceptance, belief, confession and profession of Jesus as your resurrected Lord and Savior.